Mayur Deepakbhai Prada

Mayur Deepakbhai Prada
Class: 6 th Grade

Mayur is a student of Shree R.C.Patel Navyug School, Fatehgunj. PASS is proud to have mentored him and given him a platform to study hard and inculcate the practice to learn new things. His achievements have been a pride to our community. Despite of being a slow learner, Mayur has faced the odds to emerge as an outstanding student, not only in school but at PASS as well.

Mayur studies in 6 th Grade. When he joined PASS, he had problems that many children have in common. He was weak in mathematics and did not know how to count tables. The hard work put behind him at PASS surely paid off. Mayur mastered tables up to 15 without any trouble. Mayur also did not know how to read and write Gujarati, which was a setback for him at school. However, being a keen member of PASS, he has immensely improved in how to read and write Gujarati. By offering personal mentoring at PASS, we are proud to be the backbone that children require in their daily life. Being an introvert, Mayur was shy and could not communicate well with friends and people around him at school. However, after becoming a member of PASS, he got involved in many playful activities that made him bond with children and share things with his peers which made him more approachable to the people around him and his surroundings.

Mayur’s parents live in the village. His family’s socio-economy is below poverty line. Despite of being from the outskirts, his dedication and curiosity to learn new things has been on a completely higher level than most children from the same environment. PASS is proud to have such children be part of the family and reach newer heights in every day life.

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