Railway Child line

Railway Child Line - Vadodara Station

“ The journey of even a ten thousand miles starts with a single step. ”

The Child Rights and Child Protection (CRC)) section is to provide a comprehensive base of knowledge regarding CRCP in India, regionally and internationally. The section is for students scholars. The section discusses the various issues faced by children in the world and specifically in India. The United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child (UNCRC)12, to which India is a signatory, refers to basic human rights that should be accorded to children to provide them opportunities to reach their full potential. Despite these and many such interventions like this, millions of children in India are subjected to injustices of different kinds on a daily basis and the crime rate is on an increasing trend.

In various survey it had been noticed a large number of homeless children live at the railway stations. Railway Child Line is an outcome and hence the initiative by Child Line. Baroda Citizens Council is available on Vadodara Railway Station standing on toes to help the children in distress.

In order to be effective over the long term, rescue and protection of children from difficult circumstances requires concerted efforts among community members, government machinery and community-based organizations. There are numerous government schemes and programmes to ensure child rights as well as a plethora of Non-Governmental Organizations working to secure the safety and health of children in India. Against this background, CHILDLINE is unique in its integration of variety of stakeholders in a single initiative for crisis intervention and long term rehabilitation of children.

Baroda Citizens Council is the most active NGO for CHILDLINE 1098 l 24X7 emergency service to reach children in distress in Vadodara. It links them with long term rehabilitation through technology. Any child/concerned adult can call at 1098 to avail CHILDLINE services at any time. It ensures the protection of child rights through the integrated efforts of children, the government, civil society and corporates.