Lockdown - Making face masks

Making face masks help women earn livelihood during lockdown

Women have been designated as the target group both because they are themost marginalized and because women tend to use resources more productivelythan men do. That is, they tend to invest the majority of their income in thehousehold and for their children, and they tend to undertake small assignmentto support their families during the time of lockdown. By providing livelihood towomen, Baroda Citizens Council expects to see sustainability in householdincome that will benefit the entire family. An additional benefit is that BCCwill be empowering a marginalized group by enabling women to work from home andsafer environment along with income generation.

BarodaCitizens Council is also making mask which are made on Govt. standards byoutsourcing work to our community women, these masks are not only ensuringprotection of people from corona virus but also giving a means of livelihood.This will not only helped in protecting others, but has also given livelihoodopportunities to several women especially during the period of lockdown whenmost of them from the unorganized sectors have lost their jobs. Priced variesbetween Rs 15 and 20 depending on the layering in the mask.

Analysesshow that if 50% of the population were to wear masks, only 50% of the populationwould be infected by the virus. Once 80% of the population wears a mask, theoutbreak can be stopped immediately.

"Homemademasks were a very obvious solution to limit the chain of transmission,especially in crowded conditions," she says."People living in slums,for example, need a local, cheap and simple solution and that is where thehomemade mask can make a difference."

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